The premiere edition of the warehouse logistics zone and wholesale equipment in Poland

Warehouse zone is the largest business event organized during the International Shipping and Logistics Trade Fair, bringing together people from Poland and the international arena, including from Norway, Germany, Russia and Belarus, which are closely related to the warehouse industry and wholesale equipment. The goal of the undertaking is to meet the needs and expectations of the dynamically developing warehouse and wholesale market. In addition, it is an ideal opportunity to promote the whole range of products and services to a wide range of potential contractors with strictly defined business goals.

Visitor profile:

  • warehouse space developers,
  • representatives of multi-business wholesalers,
  • representatives of store chains,
  • representatives of courier companies,
  • manufacturing plants,
  • representatives of online stores,
  • staff that manages logistics centers,
  • representatives of companies implementing storage based on their own warehouses,
  • producers looking for alternative solutions in the field of technology and storage services,
  • interior designers,
  • constructors,
  • architects

Industry Scope

Warehouse space

(Warehouse space developers, Companies coordinating designing process of BTS and BTO warehouses)

Storage systems

(storage shelves, warehouse stands, containers, hangers, underlays, storage bunkers, pallets, auxiliary devices for storage and manipulation)

Warehouse and wholesaler lighting

(industrial lamps, linear fixtures, fluorescent lamps, light bulbs, floodlights)

Outsourcing services for warehouse logistics

(storing, financial, and leasing services, rental of transportation packages, ISO and HACCP certifications for entrepreneurs

Warehouse auxiliary devices

(storage and manipulation auxiliary devices, sorting auxiliary devices, control and measurement devices, packing and order-picking systems)

Software, IT devices and systems for warehouses and wholesalers

(warehouse control techniques WMS and TMS, industry 4.0 in warehouse management, IoT system, internal logistics systems and software)

Materials for building and expanding warehouses and wholesalers

(building conditions, warehouse designing, execution – assembly of steel structures, halls and warehouses, facility commissioning)

Garbage removal and recycling

(garbage removal equipment, recycling systems,devices for large area cleaning, preparations for equipment cleaning)


(Logistic model of Internet sales that transfers the shipment process to a supplier)

Investor zone

(industrial architecture, investment offers for municipalities and districts, Polish Investment Zone consulting)

Means of transport

(industrial architecture, investment offers for municipalities and districts, Polish Investment Zone consulting)

Exhibitor profile

  • Manufacturers and distributors of storage and storage systems in magazin
  • Manufacturers and distributors of auxiliary storage devices
  • Intermediary companies in the rental of large area warehouses
  • Providers of outsourcing services (services: customs, financial, insurance, training, consulting, fire protection, cleaning)
  • Representatives of poviats and communes with investment offers interested in the region
  • Manufacturers and distributors of warehouse lighting
  • Manufacturers of warehouse equipment (furniture, analyzes, security systems, electronic devices)
  • Producers of technological solutions in the field of economic management (WMS software)
  • Companies offering dropshipping services
  • Companies producing lighting for warehouses

Warehouse zone is a unique and unique opportunity to get acquainted with the comprehensive offer related to the equipment of the warehouse from various exhibitors from Poland and the international arena, among others Norway, Germany, Russia and Belarus. During industry days, exhibitors will present innovative devices and services targeted at large and small warehouses and wholesalers.


In addition, during the International Trade Fair for Transport, Forwarding and Logistics there will be over 30 hours of conferences with a unique formula, original lectures and a debate at which the conceptual, financial, technological and legal secrets of the warehouse industry will be addressed . Warehouse store is an ideal opportunity to establish valuable business contacts. Register and receive an invitation to the fair.


Ola Rdzanek

Project Manager
tel: +48 507 664 085