Meeting 1:1

We are the International Platform for Business Contracting!

With the exhibitors in mind, we are launching a special Hosted Buyers program aimed at
providing business meetings with potential buyers and recipients offered by our
exhibitors of products or services.
The Hosted Buyers program is a special offer addressed to the largest and most important group
visitors to the International Transport, Forwarding and Logistics Fair – buyers.

What we offer?

  • Free admission ticket to the fair
  • Free parking space
  • Opportunity to participate in the industry evening
  • Assistance in booking accommodation
  • Entrance to a specially arranged area for business meetings
  • Access to the platform for arranging meetings with exhibitors

During the International Transport, Forwarding and Logistics Fair, every exhibitor and buyer
will be able to take advantage of the possibility of individual, dedicated meetings with
potential partners from abroad. Thanks to these actions, everyone will be able to achieve
desired business goals.