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Project Manager: Alicja Płatek
E-mail: a.platek@warsawexpo.eu
Phone: +48 513 030 442

Klaudia Wiśniewska
E-mail: klaudia.wisniewska@warsawexpo.eu
Phone: +48 506 905 107

Izabela Tomczak
E-mail: izabela.tomczak@warsawexpo.eu
Phone: +48 453 022 100

Aleksandra Goljat
E-mail: aleksandra.goljat@warsawexpo.eu
Phone: +48 506 905 054

Maria Bojko
E-mail: maria.bojko@warsawexpo.eu
Phone: +48 513 904 034

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grafika wystawcy

Become an Exhibitor
+48 517 121 906

grafika odwiedzajacy

+48 513 903 628

grafika obsluga

Exhibitor service
+48 501 239 338

grafika technicy

Technical service of exhibitors

Contact for organized groups

To ensure your comfortable participation in our events, admission for organized groups is only possible on the last day of the fair. Before your arrival, we encourage you to contact us through the form available on the website: warsawexpo.eu/en/groups. Leaving backpacks and suitcases in the cloakroom is mandatory. A business dress code is required at the fair.

Ptak Warsaw ExpoAl. Katowicka 62,05-830 Nadarzyn, Polskainfo@warsawexpo.eu