Digitization and innovation in transport. Discussion about the future of the industry during the MTTSL Expo

Almost 150 exhibitors, 5,000 visitors, 25,000 m2 of exhibition space and a conference on digitization and innovation in transport. This is how the fourth edition of MTTSL – the international transport, forwarding and logistics fair, took place on April 4-6 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Recent years have shown that the Polish transport industry is resistant to crises. It survived the moments of lockdown and the introduction of restrictions, as well as coped with the collapse on the market of drivers from outside the European Union. According to the latest analyses, it has maintained employment in the warehouse sector and is planning further investments, feeling less of the impact of warfare on this sector of the economy. It also coped with the global slowdown in economic activity. This shows that focusing on its further development is the only right direction. The organizers of the MTTSL Expo, which took place at Ptak Warsaw Expo on April 4-6, 2023, were enlightened by this thought.

MMTSL Expo – a place where business came together

MTTSL Expo integrated companies operating in land, air, water and rail transport. During the event, manufacturers and distributors of truck tractors, semi-trailers, trailers, competitions, forklift trucks, workshop equipment, as well as logistics operators and owners of petrol stations presented their offers and new opportunities. The entire industry met in one place, which increased the dynamics of establishing new business contacts, contributed to the expansion of the network of mutual dependencies and opened up new international perspectives for companies.

The companies present at the MTTSL Expo include BMC, Arcese, Afhymat, Marketbus.pl, EMKA Trans, Gruber Logistics, UTA, Mercus, Grimar, Autobagi Polska, Cenntro, Carolina Logistics Inc, Chemia Bomar, Evan, Kaliński, Krause, PDAserwis, DiGiCROSS, Shell and Toolmex Truck.

MMTSL Expo – essentially about the industry

The Transport Industry Congress took care of the educational aspect of MTTS. It was attended by the most important representatives of the Polish sector. There was a speech by Minister Alvin Gajadhur, Chief Inspector of Road Transport, and the director of the Transport Department of the Association of International Road Carriers, Piotr Mikiel, presented the prospects for the development of international road transport in the coming years. The subject of autonomization in road transport was discussed, safety in transport was discussed, how to choose effective security in the supply chain and digitalization of the supply chain thanks to the use of artificial intelligence.

There were also preventive lectures. “Economic fraud in Poland – how fraudsters in the transport industry take advantage of market turmoil and how to protect themselves from it” – this was the topic of the speech by Paweł Juskowiak, vice-president of the National Institute of Economic Law. However, there were many, many more issues raised.

Participation in MTTSL itself also meant participation in the Public Transport Fair – Warsaw Bus Expo. Thus, the event was a compendium of knowledge about the industry with the widest networking prospects on the market.

Thank you for participating in the fourth edition of the MTTSL Expo. Welcome to the next one. More info coming soon!